FOR OVER FORTY YEARS! While the exact year is not known at this time, the Fayette Bass Club was founded sometime during the sixties by Delmer Bowles, Alex Kizzire, Johnny Renfroe and Durwood Stough (all of Fayette, Alabama). It was said by Mr. Bowles that during the beginning of the club's first days, there were only two boats competing against one another. Delmer and Alex were partners fishing against Johnny and Durwood. Delmer Bowles is the only surviving founder. Currently, the club consists of eighty two members and averages approximately thirty five boats per tournament. This website is dedicated to the members of the Fayette Bass Club for the purpose of keeping its members current on tournaments, events and news. Though you may not be a member, feel free to browse. The Fayette Bass Club is an Alabama B.A.S.S. Federation Nation affiliated club dedicated to the sport of angling for ourselves and future generations.

2013 Fayette Bass Club Officers

Tim Kizzire, President Todd Tucker, Vice President (email: Jerry Shelton, Secretary Dana Beavers, Webmaster

2013 Tournament Schedule

February 16 ~ Pickwick Lake (McFarland Park) March 17 ~ Vienna (Vienna Landing) April 20 ~ Bankhead Lake (Franklin's Ferry) May 18 ~ Wilson Lake (Fleet Harbor) June 15 ~ Guntersville Lake (Waterfront) July 20 ~ Lock 8 (Selma City Landing) August 17 ~ Pickwick (McFarland Park) September 21 ~ Lay Lake (Beeswax) October 19 ~ Mitchell Lake (Higgin's Ferry) November Classic ~ TBA

Fayette Bass Club Spring Open Tournament

April 13, 2013 ~ Bankhead Lake (Franklin's Ferry)

2013 Meeting Schedule

All meetings at Fayette Community Center (across from Tiny Tots Daycare in Fayette the first Monday night of each month unless otherwise noted) - 7:00 p.m.


If you have questions, please email Todd at

2013 Season

1. Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

2. Must be a member of B.A.S.S.

3. Children of members under age sixteen (16) have free membership.

4. Any member of at least five (5) years and is at least sixty-five (65) years old will receive free membership.

5. Any new member may join at ramp only through first three (3) tournaments, after third (3rd) tournament, new member must attend a meeting to join.

6. Any past member may join at anytime through year.
7. Visitors can fish one-time (1) per year.

8. Club membership is fifty dollars ($50) per year.

9. Entry fee: Twenty-five dollars ($25) per tournament per person, plus ten dollars ($10) per tournament per boat for "big fish" pot.

10. Each boat launched at tournament is required to pay any applicable launch fees.

11. Life jackets and kill switches must be worn while big motor is in use.

12. Must be back at launch at official quitting time or be disqualified.

13. No locking through . . . period.

14. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed while fishing tournament or at weigh-in.

15. All fish will be weighed prior to removing boat from water, unless otherwise instructed. All live fish will released after weighing.

16. Twelve inch (12") minimum size limit for fish (or lake limit if larger) Ten (10) fish maximum per boat
Five (5) fish per person on yearly standings.

17. For months of June, July and August, there will be a six (6) fish limit per boat, three (3) per person.

18. All fish must be brought to scales in weigh-in bags
Each fish brought to scales measuring less than twelve inches (12") or lake minimum will be thrown out along with biggest fish.

19. Top individual catch in each tournament along with first place will receive trophies.

20. Pay-off from tournaments will be bases on percentage of take in as follows;
Club fund = thirty percent (30%)
First Place (1st)= thirty-five percent (35%)
Second Place (2nd)= twenty-five percent (25%)
Third Place (3rd)= ten percent (10%)
Big Fish = five dollars ($5) per boat

21. Club will mount the largest fish caught in a tournament, one per member per year, provided it
exceeds the following minimum weight limit;
Large mouth = eight pounds (8 lbs)
Spot = six pounds (6 lbs)
Small mouth = six pounds (6 lbs)
If member chooses not to mount catch, club will pay member seventy-five ($75).

22. Top twenty (20) members only, will fish Fayette B.A.S.S. Club Classic, the first (1st) Saturday in November All qualifiers will fish as boaters. A mandatory meeting will be held on the Monday night prior to Classic to determine location. Classic site will be "off-limits" after site is chosen. Each classic contender will pay a twenty-five dollar ($25) entry fee and pay ten ($10) to Big Fish pot. The club will award four hundred dollars ($400) to first (1st) place. The club will award two hundred dollars ($200) to second (2nd) place. Only first (1st) and second (2nd) places will be awarded.

23. Member catching biggest fish for year, will receive a one (1) year free membership. Angler of the Year will receive a one (1) year free membership.
24. Club will award fifty dollars ($50) and a trophy to Angler of the Year.

25. All club tournaments will be the third (3rd) Saturday of each month, from safe light until three-thirty p.m. (3:30p.m.).

26. May fish the same body of water more than one (1) time per year, but not in succession.

27. Must fish six (6) club tournaments to make paid team member for Federation.

28. The two (2) top six (6) man teams will be paid for Federation entry and lodging. The lodging will be for two (2) nights on a Federation qualifier and three (3) nights on State Championship tournament. Guaranteed boater fee, will not be paid for by club.
Team members that have committed to fish Federation and do not show to compete may be subject to reimburse club for their portion of expenses. Final decision to be determined by officers.

29. All 2013 tournament sites will be nominated and voted on during December 2012 meeting.

30. Club meetings are on the first Monday night of each month, except for July and September which are
the second Monday night at seven p.m. (7:00p.m.) at Fayette Community Center.

31. Club will pay three (3) volunteers a percentage each to run open tournaments.

32. Any and all protest concerning tournament must be made at tournament weigh-in to an officer
of the club.

33. Club dinner TBA

In Memory of:

In Memory of:
Johnny Renfroe, Alex Kizzire, Durwood Stough, Billy G. Higgins, and Danny Pendley